Fabolous spoke with “Ebro in the Morning” for an interview published yesterday (December 17) about his upcoming projects.

“I’m really about making moves,” the Brooklyn, New York rapper says in the interview. “That’s what my 2015 is going to be about: hashtag moves.”

The Loso’s Way artist says that the legacy of Brooklyn Hip Hop was improved by the iconic success of Jay Z.

“If you hold a torch up, it brightens the room,” Fabolous says. “That’s what Hov did as a whole.“

The “Throw It In The Bag” artist says that signing to Roc Nation management was a naturl progression for his brand.

“I think Roc Nation has stepped into a lot of people’s careers and made some moves,” Fabolous says. “ That’s what it’s about when you are securing your brand. ”

Ebro addressed his encounter with Fabolous at the Total Slaughter Battle Rap event. Loso commented on his passion for the competitive music form.

“I like Battle Rap,” Fabolous says. “I’m just a fan of what it is…I like T-Rex. I like Conceited. I like Hollow Da Don. I like Mook. I like Lux.”

He says that deejays should do a better job of representing the New York sound. He singles out Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson and Troy Ave. as New York artists he respects.

“I was one of the first people to work with Troy Ave,” Fabolous says. “Even when I see him in passing, I congratulate you for what you’ve done. You salute them and appreciate what they doin.”

Fabolous is slated to release The Young OG Project December 25, which is set to feature Chris Brown, Rich Homie Quan and French Montana.

“One thing that the ‘90s had was a lot of diversity in the music,” Fabolous says in the interview. “That’s what I did with the project too. A lot of people think it’s going to sound like Soul Tape or like other mixtapes I did in the past, but this is it’s own tape. The ‘90s had so much diversity where you could have backpack rap, or gangsta rap or flossy Biggie rap. You know there were so many different elements and I wanted that to be in the project too. It’s good music overall for people to listen to and there’s different kinds of vibes.”

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