Beyonce’s chart-topping anthem “Drunk in Love” is the subject of a new civil suit, according to Page Six.

Nearly one week after the song received two Grammy nominations, Hungarian folk singer Mitsou is taking Mrs. Carter to court.

The track, which features Jay Z, allegedly samples Mitsou’s vocals for over a minute throughout the entire tune. Court documents also claim Mitsou’s voice was “sampled and digitally manipulated without her permission.”

The first 13 seconds of “Drunk in Love” allegedly begin with the folk singer’s screeching song. Her purported vocals can also be heard during Jay Z’s rap portion, towards the end of the track.

Mitsou’s suit alleges that Beyonce is using her voice from a performance in 1995, during a rendition of the traditional Roma tune “Bajba, Bajba Pelem.” The Carters’ version is claimed to “evoke foreign eroticism alongside sexually intense lyrics performed by Beyonce and Jay Z.”

Mitsou’s Manhattan civil suit additionally suggests that the Hungarian songstress has never signed any documents that would permit anyone to use her voice for advertising or trade purposes.

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