The relationship between Guru and his close friend Solar has remained a Hip Hop mystery.

Solar befriended Guru shortly after his departure from Gang Starr. After Guru’s death in 2010, many believe Solar began to make fraudulent claims about his friendship with the rapper.

In a new interview with The Real Hip-Hop, veteran emcee Fong-Sai-U addressed his own relationship with Guru and his thoughts on Solar.

“I met Solar one time man and I remember Guru told me, ‘He’s crazy, God,'”Fong-Sai said. “It destroyed me when it all went down because somehow this nigga had a mind control thing on him, man. I know it wasn’t a secret because Guru wasn’t gay — it wasn’t none of that BS. To this day, nobody knows. A lot of people don’t know that Guru wasn’t talking to anybody. He stayed away from everybody and started producing a whole bunch of wack albums with Solar.”

Fong-Sai-U also rebuked rumors that Solar was responsible for helping Guru get over his alcohol addiction.

“Guru stopped drinking before Solar,” he said. “Guru was sober before Solar. He started working out before Solar. Solar just tried to take credit for something that he didn’t do. He was full of lies, man.”

Solar worked with Guru on his last two Jazzmatazz albums and toured with him. The duo also started the label 7 Grand Records.

The website was developed shortly after Guru’s death.