Nipsey Hussle says he will be selling 100 copies of his new album, Mailbox Money, for $1,000 apiece. The Crenshaw rapper spoke with XXL and said the music is not the only thing fans will receive with the purchase.

“If you buy Mailbox Money, you’ll get a product that I haven’t announced yet: access to the secret store that we’re getting ready to have the grand opening for and you get to hear Victory Lap exclusively with me in this place that we built,” Nipsey Hussle says. “It’s an experience. We can’t fit more than a 100 people in the store. We just wanted to do something different this time.”

He says that Mailbox Money, the “album before the album,” title represents the ownership he has over his career as an independent artist.

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“The whole structure of the industry is to give the creators the advances in return for the ownership, the masters,” he says. “Looking at 2014, I look back. We made more money off Mailbox Money than we would have made off taking an advance from anybody. We made more money letting our fans buy the stuff directly from us than what any label could have offered us. From the clothing to music, just looking at our life and business operation, at the high levels of business it’s a bunch of equity. They looking at catalog, two years down the line you’re getting legitimate checks out of the real estate and it’s just coming in the mail and it’s real.”

He says that Victory Lap is coming at the “top of the year” and explains how the title reflects his musical journey.

“I just feel like I got a new wisdom of life,” he says, “to be able for my seeds to bear fruit. It’s a process that takes time, to see you eat the apple off your apple tree. I think 2014, it was just a year where your hard work and vision becomes visible. It becomes clear. Victory Lap, even the title. It’s the accumulation of trial and error that’s what I represent, trial and error. It’s not genius. Even outside of music that’s my life story.”