With both Kanye West and Pharrell Williams already putting together high-profile collaborations with the sneaker company, adidas is now set to release an EQT Running Guidance 93 collab with Pusha T later this month.

Speaking with GQ about the release and inspiration behind the design, Pusha T broke down the details behind the details.

“Yeah I mean everything—the fish scale nuances, the cracked leather, everything—is inspired by street culture because I feel like I’m synonymous with that,” he said. “Even the gum sole and the measuring line on the sole relates to that. I just tried to make it as fun as possible. Like, there’s no question that this is Pusha T’s shoe. I wanted to make it me, make it fresh, and really add to the silhouette the best I could.”

Explaining how he selected the relatively unexplored EQT silhouette for his own project, Pusha detailed wanting to release something that could be easily accommodated into a wardrobe.

“It’s just about doing something off the beaten path a little bit,” he said. “And I think the EQT is just a dope silhouette people can rock with today’s fashions. I wanted something that would complement a whole outfit. And that’s how I get dressed. I think of the whole silhouette. You can’t think of the shoe without thinking about the way denim will look with it, and the whole ensemble.”

After recalling his own early memories with adidas as a jealous younger brother to Clipse rapper Malice—”I cried to my parents to have an adidas tracksuit and shell toed [Superstars]” he said—Pusha also addressed the brand’s joint projects with Kanye West and Pharrell.

“I think these are very monumental moves,” he said. “The Pharrell move and Kanye move are huge because those guys are staples in fashion. I also love the Nigo collaboration adidas has going on right now. Nigo to me is the G.O.A.T. Pharrell and Kanye are A-1 tastemakers, and their taste levels are on par with the best. And as far as myself, I feel like I translate ideas from the streets better than anyone. It’s like they lasso’d all of the greats from their respective places.”

Speaking with GQ, Pusha also touched on his recent Tweet at Lil Wayne about the rapper’s label frustrations at Cash Money.

“I just like the fact that I’m a prophet because of my song ‘Exodus’ [in which Pusha obliquely talks shit on Birdman and his label Cash Money],” he said. “It came out two years ago! People should just call me ‘The Prophet.’ You know what? Wayne on GOOD Music…Well ‘Ye actually likes Wayne, so they could probably make some good music together. But who knows.”

Photos of Pusha T’s EQT Running Guidance 93 are available below. The shoe will be available online at adidas.com for $200 on December 23.

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