According to Dipset rapper Cam’ron, he was so eager to land a role in the film, Paid In Full that he went above and beyond during his reading for a role in the Charles Stone III-directed movie.

While speaking with Hip Hop Motivation, Cam revealed that he pulled out a real gun during a reading he took part in for the movie. He says the readers and even Dame were caught off guard by the move.

“The thing about Paid In Full was that that’s a story you know without reading the script,” Cam’ron said. “If you’re from Harlem…Basically, I went and read for it. And Dame had partners on it, but Dame had a lot of say-so. And I remember Dame calling me—My audition, I was talking to Dame about this recently about how I want to find my audition tape because I basically wanted the part so bad when I came to audition, did the reading with the person, I had a real gun on me. It was a part in the script where I was supposed to have a gun and I was like ‘I really want them to know.’ I wanted the readers, Dame, everybody—I pulled a gun out, they like ‘yo.’ The guy who was reading was like ‘yo.’ And Dame was like ‘Yo, alright. Chill.’ And I was like ‘Yo, I’m trying to get the part, man.’”

Cam’ron was joined by Dame Dash, who played a role in the creation of Paid In Full, during his interview.

Dame recalled fighting to get Cam a role in the film and says he one day hopes to reunite Cam and actors Mekhi Phifer and Wood Harris, who also starred in Paid In Full, on the big screen now that he’s working on movies.

“Now that we making movies, we talking about bringing the whole gang back together,” Dame said. “It’s a brand. Not to say just Paid In Full, but just the chemistry that Wood, Mekhi, and Cam have…I’m trying to bring them back and also some other movies and stuff. And do it our way. Cause that movie was a fight all the way around.”

Paid In Full was released in 2002 and has served as a cult classic in the Hip Hop community.

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