Weeks following singer Keyshia Cole’s alleged attack on Sabrina Mercadel, an associate of Birdman’s, a lawsuit has been filed.

Westside Today reports that Mercadel filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Cole for the sum of at least $1 million. She is reportedly suing for alleged battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and premises liability.

According to TMZ, during the attack, Cole insinuated that Mercadel was a hooker and proceeded to tell her “You can get your money later,” before slapping her on the butt.

Mercadel has also revealed that her relationship with Birdman is strictly platonic.

During the brawl, which took place in September, Cole reportedly punched Mercadel in the face, slashed her with her fingernails, and threw objects at her. The incident reportedly took place around 5 A.M. at Birdman’s Los Angeles home.

Cole was arrested following the incident and a restraining order was filed by Mercadel.

In the weeks following the alleged attack, the Oakland, California-born singer has remained relatively silent on the matter.

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