It’s been nearly two years since Harlem, New York rapper A$AP Rocky released his debut solo album, Long.Live.A$AP, and according to the A$AP Mob lyricist, the release of his sophomore album is on the horizon.

While speaking with Highsnobiety TV, Rocky provided an update on his solo release as well as projects from A$AP Ferg and A$AP Mob. He revealed that a mixtape from Ferg will come first and will then be followed by his sophomore album. An A$AP Mob mixtape and studio album from Ferg are also reportedly in the works.

A$AP Rocky also spoke on his desire to “influence culture” and “give people a reason to listen to music.”

“We got Ferg coming out with his mixtape project soon,” A$AP Rocky said. “Right after him, my sophomore. Right after that, the Mob tape and hopefully another Ferg album. We trying to smash on y’all mothafuckas [in] 2015, man. We’re just trying to really influence culture and give people a reason to listen to music and enjoy lifestyle. Because honestly, it really don’t take much to be happy in life and we’re trying to show people that shit. I ain’t been happy like this in a while. I ain’t have this much fun in a while. And I know with this kind of energy being invested into my music, the possibilities are endless. It’s like old times. I feel 10 again. I feel reckless again. Be ready.”

In March of this year, Rocky provided a brief update on the status of his sophomore album when he stated “SOPHOMORE ALBUM COMING ASAP,” in a caption on Instagram.

A$AP Ferg, who was also present during the interview, spoke on the flashy lifestyle of those in A$AP Mob. He recalled those in the group “getting fly” before they had money.

“We been doing this when we was broke,” A$AP Ferg said. “We been mobbing like this and getting flying and fuckin’ spending all our money on clothes when we was broke. When we didn’t have no money we had friends that were stealing that shit…We can get broke again and we still gon’ look like we got money.”

A$AP Mob’s interview with Highsnobiety TV can be found below (via AllHipHop).

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