Footage of a September 5 altercation that recently yielded robbery charges for Suge Knight and Katt Williams has been released by TMZ. The former Death Row Records CEO and comedian were arrested last week for the theft of a female photographer’s camera in Beverly Hills in September.

Williams does not appear in the clip but Suge Knight can be seen confronting one paparazzo before turning his attention over to a separate photographer whom he menaces with a threat.

“Get that bitch over there,” Knight seems to tell a member of his security in the clip. “Get her shit. Who she with?”

While walking towards the photographer, Knight asks, “Why you come over here and take a picture of my motherfucking son? I tell you what, I got a bitch to come beat your motherfuckin’ ass.”

According to a press release from the Los Angeles County District Attorney, both Knight and Williams “are suspected of stealing the camera of an independent on Sept. 5 outside a studio in Beverly Hills.”

Last week, Williams denied taking the camera while explaining the confrontation.

“I didn’t take her camera,” he said. “So, the fact that I didn’t take her camera—But I’m saying don’t say you’re gonna erase something and then take off running and think somebody’s not gonna chase you. So, they do chase you. Then they do get the camera back. You’re supposed to erase it. Now you wanna fight now. So, now it’s insult to injury. And then to top things off, you’re gonna be the victim? I don’t know how you’re gonna pull all three things off.”

As a result of the arrest, Williams could face seven years in custody while Knight faces 30 to life in state prison. Bail is currently set at $75,000 for Williams and $1 million for Knight.

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