Fellow Inland Empire artists Curtiss King and Noa James stopped by the DX Daily set today (October 30) to explain their upcoming album Pterodactyl Jones and releasing the self-titled joint project on Murs’ MURS Label 3:16 platform on November 11.

Explaining how the group name and collaboration came about, Noa James described touring alongside Curtiss King on last year’s Road to Paid Dues tour.

“We were being bored in the van and Curtiss starting coming up with these crazy characters,” he said. “Messing with David May. He’s like, ‘Hey, David May! Hey.’ And I said, ‘Man, that sounds like your name should be Pterodactyl Jones.’”

Curtiss King, whose production credits include placements on albums from Ab-Soul, Glasses Malone, and Murs, listed the producers who appear on the album.

“I got a few joints on there,” he said. “It’s 12 tracks on there. I produced a few. OhGoshLeotus, another dude from the IE. Nabeyin. Captin who’s OhGoshLeotus’ cousin. The FlatLynerz. Did I miss anybody? And myself.”

Noa James also explained the project as a one-album deal with the label.

“Putting it out on Murs’ label, it happened because of him,” he said. “It’s dope that we get to release it on Murs 3:16. It’s a one album deal. That’s it right there. Some cats from IE just having some fun, acting a fucking fool. And Murs believe enough in it to have our back.”

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