Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube performed a trio of magic tricks during a recent appearance on the children’s television show, “Sesame Street.”

Cube appeared alongside “Sesame Street” favorite Elmo and helped describe the word “astounding” before performing a series of magic tricks.

“Astounding is when something is so amazing it catches you by surprise…Watch as I make this coin disappear. Astounding,” Ice Cube said in a video posted on Billboard.com.

The former N.W.A lyricist concluded his appearances on “Sesame Street” by turning himself into an ice cube.

Although this serves as Ice Cube’s first appearance on “Sesame Street,” the actor has starred in a number of family-friendly films including Are We There Yet?, Are We Done Yet?, and the newly-released animated film, The Book Of Life.

During an interview on Sway In The Morning in January, Cube revealed that he has no problem doing “popcorn movies.”

“I feel good about doing popcorn movies,” Ice Cube said. “You just go kick it and escape from reality for a minute, have fun, laugh. It’s been so much pain in our neighborhoods and in our music. Sometimes, movies is a cool outlet to show who we are on a different level and have a fun level. But if it comes to [Oscar nods] that’d be cool. But it’s all about doing good movies. In Hollywood, you can’t let no good movie pass you by.”

Ice Cube’s appearance on “Sesame Street” can be found below.

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