After being asked to share a “True Hip Hop Story” during an interview with Vlad TV, Harlem, New York rapper Smoke DZA detailed the encounter with police that led to him trading rap stories all night with Chinx Drugz and French Montana while in a jail cell.

According to DZA, he was at The Tunnel in New York City when he noticed a police officer staring at him. He then engaged in a brief exchange with the officers who later informed him that they had a warrant out for his arrest.

After being approached by officers, DZA says he first thought the warrant was a joke, but was later shown paperwork and a matching mugshot.

“They stopped me and the officer was like ‘We have a warrant for your arrest,’” Smoke DZA said. “I’m like ‘What is this a fuckin’ joke?’ ‘No, it’s not a joke. It’s definitely not a joke.’ And I went to go pull out my wallet. Of course I’m asking them, ‘Do you mind if I pull out my wallet’…So, I’m trying to use my get out of jail free card. Cause I don’t know what the fuck is going on. So, they didn’t let me get to my wallet. They didn’t let my friends do anything. They was just like ‘We got a warrant for your arrest.’ They come with some fuckin’ paperwork. And of course they ask for my I.D. The name matches the name they was looking for. With the fuckin’ mugshot. And they arrest me.”

Despite trying to use his “get out of jail free card,” the New York City wordsmith says he was ultimately arrested and taken to the precinct via paddy wagon.

Upon being put in a bullpen at the precinct, DZA became aware of those around him, which included rappers Chinx Drugz and French Montana. According to the rapper, the three exchanged rap stories until they went to court the following day.

“They take me through the backdoor,” he said. “They put me in the paddy wagon. I’m clean. I’m using every method to let them let me go. And they was not fuckin’ with the let go. So, they take me to the precinct and they put me in this little fuckin’ bullpen. So, I’m sitting in the bullpen tight. Like fuming mad…Next thing I know I put my head up and I hear more voices…First person I see, I see Chinx Drugz…Next person I see, French Montana. Niggas like ‘Oh shit, they got you too.’ They put us all in three bullpens, side-by-side. And we fuckin’ kumbaya-ed and was telling rap stories until we went to court the next day.”

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