TDE lyricist ScHoolboy Q was recently questioned about his relationship with actress and television host Kathy Griffin, during an appearance on ESPN2’s “Highly Questionable.” He jokingly referred to Griffin as his “secret lover” and revealed that she’s not serious with rappers Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky, artists she also has friendships with.

“Kathy Griffin, that’s the homie, man,” ScHoolboy Q said. “That’s my secret lover right there, man. We fell in love a long time ago and we just kept it going…Just my secret lover, you know. She hit me up. I come through, spend the night. I don’t have to say what I do when I spend the night. I spend the night. I wake up. I go home. She ain’t tripping. That’s my secret lover. She just joking with Rocky and Danny Brown. She ain’t really serious with them. She serious with me.”

Prior to elaborating on his relationship with Kathy Griffin, Q detailed his life before music, which he called “weird.” He explained that at the time, he attempted to balance being an athlete with gangbanging, a combination he says he proved to be unsuccessful at.



He says reality finally hit him when he served time in jail, and even recalled being so embarrassed over his time spent in jail that he didn’t speak to his mother for nearly two years.

“Weird,” he said when asked about his life before music. “I tried to balance out being in the streets and playing sports. I was playing baseball. I played football my whole life. Played basketball my whole life. But I also was gangbanging at the same time. And I was trying to balance it out and it never quite worked. I went to jail and then it was just like reality hit me. Coming up where I come from, having that F on your record and no college education, it’s hard to get a good job and take care of your family…Really when I got out of jail is the real part. Cause when I got out I had to get released to house arrest and stuff like that. And just looking at my paperwork seeing two felony counts, a strike on my record. It was just like—It was embarrassing. I couldn’t even look my mom in the face. I went damn near two years without really speaking to my mom because I was so embarrassed from going to jail.”

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