Faith Evans’ marriage to The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the biggest in music during the 1990s. Each artist’s popularity and success made them a power couple and one that couldn’t be reckoned with, until Lil’ Kim came along.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Faith Evans recalled Biggie’s year-long affair with the female rapper and says alarms didn’t sound for quite some time in regards to anything happening beyond the professional between the two.  

“I didn’t know anything about them for… this is probably at least a year-and-a-half after we were together so I didn’t know anything about them,” Faith Evans said when asked about finding out about Kim’s affair with Biggie. “I didn’t even think anything of them to be quite honest.”

Evans also says she was shocked to eventually find out about the affair but says she wasn’t even the best of friends with Lil’ Kim.

“It was pretty shocking but just to be clear, I wouldn’t necessarily say she befriended me or something,” she said. “To be honest she probably wasn’t feeling the whole idea of him telling me to go shopping. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time together but we did hang out a few times.”

Faith Evans also talked about her absence from Biggie’s “Get Money” video and said that the song was not about her eventhough there was a look alike in it who represented her. She also relayed that a lot of B.I.G.’s lyrics did not describe true stories about their relationship.

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