Iggy Azalea says that she is unhappy with XXL magazine for its coverage of her former boyfriend Jefe Wine

“@XXL why are u enabling such an awful person. his actual “wife” who mothers his 3 year old son is currently in court after he strangled her,” Azalea tweeted today. “@XXL its in extremely poor taste a “music” magazine would insert themselves into something so messy and clearly false.”

Last week, Jefe Wine, also known as Maurice Williams, filed for divorce from Iggy Azalea

Wine says that he and Azalea had a common-law marriage. Wine says the former couple “agreed to be married, holding themselves out as man and wife and began residing together in the State of Texas on or about September, 2008,” according in court documents.

The couple stopped living together in 2013, according to Wine. If what Wine alleges is true, he and Azalea would be considered a married couple in Texas.

Azalea tweeted last week that the two are not married and tweeted again today about what she says is her purported marriage to Wine.

“My lawyer agreed to be served “divorce” papers but they want to hire someone to serve me in person, probably so it can be another TMZ story,” she tweeted today.

Yesterday, XXL published an interview it did with Jefe Wine, though it refers to him as Hefe Wine.

Azalea’s tweets today about XXL and her alleged marriage are as follows:

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