Charlamagne the God always likes to make his opinions known and it is known that his fondness for Drake is thin.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TVCharlamagne actually had some advice for the Toronto rapper and says he should stay away from strippers because they are nothing but bad news.

“The only problem I have with that situation is Drake, you should not be fucking with strippers man. It’s 2014,” he remarked when asked about the Drake/Jhonni Blaze situation. “We used to fuck strippers in the early 2000s. Bartenders and waitresses is where the good pussy is nowadays.” 

The Breakfast Club co-host continued his reasoning by explaining that he believes strippers fabricate situations to become more famous and thus their credibility is low. 

“Don’t listen to anything that come out them hoes’ mouths, man,” he said. “I tell all them hoes man, ‘Sit down, eat this slice of pizza and be quiet.’ Don’t listen to them yo.” 

Charlemagne also thought it was unfair how famed stripper Karrine “Superhead” Steffans threw Method Man “under the bus” in her second book, a move he believes was made in order to continue her fame and make more money. 

Drake is reportedly under an official police investigation for using his people to threaten and intimidate Houston stripper Jhonni Blaze after the two had sexual relations. The Houston police department has the person in their investigation listed as a “possible celebrity.” Neither Drake or anyone else is currently listed by name.

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