As Method Man approaches the 20th anniversary of his solo debut this November, the Wu-Tang Clan emcee explained the years-long delay of an album tentatively titled Crystal Meth in an interview with HipHopDX.

“Can’t get RZA on board for some reason,” he says in a clip that debuted in today’s DX Daily (October 13). “I’m trying ya’ll. I’ve  been speaking to him for the past three, four years. I’ma give it to you raw, I been saying, ‘Fuck with me. Fuck with me RZA.’ Telling other people, ‘Tell RZA to fuck with me.’ Fuck with me RZA. But he’s a busy man. And I’m proud of him. Oh my God, he took it way further than I could have ever dream of. He’s like a fucking inspiration, real talk. Real shit. He should just get back in the studio with me one more time, that’s all. Just one more time.”

Method Man’s 1994 platinum-certified debut Tical was produced almost exclusively by RZA. The Staten Island emcee’s last solo album, 4:21… The Day After, was released in 2006.

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