According to Compton, California rapper Kendrick Lamar, the release of Big Sean’s “Control” didn’t have much of an effect on his relationship with his fellow artists. During an interview on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the TDE lyricist revealed that his relationship with the artists he called out on the record is in the “same place” it was before the release of “Control.”

K-Dot was specifically asked about his relationship with Drake and J. Cole and later blamed the media for trying to pit him against those he named on “Control.”

“Same place,” said Kendrick when asked where he’s at with J. Cole and Drake. “It’s all love. From the moment I did the verse to after the verse. I think Hip Hop is a sport, so you gonna have these little spits and spats. And it’s all good because personally I respect these dudes as people. You know what I mean? Outside of that it’s really nothing. I respect their music, for sure. I respect them as individuals and creators. And I think what the media tried to do is insane because they take these black, young brothers and really try to clash it and make—Bump heads. And that’s not right. That’s how I look at it. I think it’s not right. And I think that’s why it’s great to really show people how we support one another. Because Hip Hop was something that wasn’t supposed to be here for this long.”

Kendrick later revealed that he didn’t think his verse on “Control” was going to be as big as it was. He added that “the fact that Hip Hop hasn’t been shaken up in a long time” is likely one reason why his verse received so much attention.

“I didn’t know until after you see the hooray and hoo-ra about it,” he said in a video posted on 2DopeBoyz. “The fact that Hip Hop hasn’t been shaken up in a long time. When I went in and did the verse I thought I was just having fun. And these cats I know. And I’m calling [them] out. And we having fun. We rapping. But I see how the world took it and flipped the media. I realize ‘Okay, it has been 10, 15 years before it’s been some type of shaking up in the game.’”

According to Power 106 personality Rikki Martinez, Kendrick also discussed his upcoming album and the possibility of a collaborative album with J. Cole.

In addition to appearing on Big Boy’s Neighborhood today (September 23), Kendrick also released his new single, “i.” While appearing on the radio show, K-Dot recalled meeting Ronald Isley, an artist whose “That Lady” record with The Isley Brothers is sampled on “i.”

“I got a chance to meet him and even got him on the ad libs for the record,” the TDE rapper said. “You can hear him.”

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