YG has reportedly been barred from performing at two Los Angeles dates of The Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour according to a Tweet he sent out yesterday (September 19).

“Irvine/Hollywood, the LAPD ain’t letting me perform at the #DrakeVsWayne dates today and Monday,” he wrote. “All that giving bak must don’t matter.”

According to MTV News a representative for the LAPD claimed to not have any information on the decision. MTV  also cites a source close to the rapper who told them that the order stemmed from a request from the police department calling for added police security at the concert as a function of YG’s appearance. The site claims the added security could cost up to $120,000 and quotes the source as calling the decision “unfair.”



“We been fighting tooth and nail to get it, we finally got it and now they want to take it away,” the source reportedly said. “YG has a professional team around him.” The same source apparently pointed to two recent YG shows in Orange County, California as well as his appearance at Budweiser’s Made In America Festival as evidence of previous and peaceful performances in the area.

YG also retweeted a Tweet from DJ Sour Milk who joked that the shows would feature YG music nonetheless.