In an interview with The Real Hip-Hop, former Leaders Of The New School rapper Dinco D spoke on internal conflict within the group, but mentioned that outside instigation was what ultimately lead to its split. 

“Everybody had their part to do with it, man,” Dinco D says. “The main part was the outside part. It was Dante Ross. Dante Ross was a part of the split-up, Lyor Cohen, and our management. There was a chance for Busta to stand his ground and tie it together where he could still do his solo thing and we could still make Leaders albums. Outside forces really worked on the split-up. He took it — ain’t nothing wrong with that. That just led to a wider crack opening the crack up for other things.”

Cohen has been accused a creating friction by others. In June, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash said Cohen caused the beef responsible for breaking up The Roc, calling him a “culture vulture.” Dinco agreed, saying Cohen was “a part in breaking up a lot of groups.”

“You gotta understand Dante Ross and Lyor Cohen are outside dudes and they’re controlling stuff,” Dinco said. “They don’t really care about groups and the essence of it as long as they got a hand in it and they’re controlling something…They take the key element out, or what’s hot right now and get rich off of it.”

Leaders Of The New School appeared on A Tribe Called Quest’s acclaimed “Scenario” single.

Dinco also said that he and Busta Rhymes have discussed a possible Leaders Of The New School reunion.

“We talk about it,” Dinco D says. “I talk to Busta here and there. It’s going to have to be up to him to step outside of his box and what he’s doing and make time for it. He talks about it, we’ve talked about it, so we’ll see, man.”

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