50 Cent has published an Instagram video of a Mike Tyson interview in which the boxer becomes upset after he is asked about being a convicted rapist.

In the clip, Tyson calls the interviewer, Canada’s CP24’s Nathan Downer, a “piece of shit” and a “rat.”

50 Cent’s caption for the clip is as follows: “Lol I feel the same way sometimes mike #dontaskmenodumbshit lmao.”  



In the Tyson interview that 50 posted about, the boxer is asked about how his being a convicted rapist may impact Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Ford and Tyson met recently and the boxer endorsed the politician. 

Mike Tyson was sentenced to a 6-year prison term in 1992 after he was convicted of rape. The former boxer, who served three of those six years, was greeted by more than 2,000 people at a rally upon his release, according to the New York Times

Tyson spoke on the allegations at the time, saying, “I have not raped anyone, tried to rape anyone by any means,” according to the New York Times.



50 Cent currently owns a home that once belonged to Mike Tyson. 50 is also involved in boxing due to his work with SMS Boxing. 

A longer version of the interview is below.

Downer, the host Mike Tyson was speaking to, has responded to the incident on Twitter.

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