During an appearance on Hot 97 this week, Dipset rapper Jim Jones was asked about the authenticity of a message he aimed directly at Roc-A-Fella-Records co-founder Dame Dash in an Instagram post made last month. In the Instagram post, Jones referred to Dame as both a “culture vulture” and a “thief.”

While speaking with Hot 97, the Harlem, New York lyricist was questioned about rumors that his social media accounts were hacked the day his message about Dame was posted. In response to the question he joked about pulling “a Gucci Mane” and later revealed that he wishes he was more “disciplined” with some of his actions.

“Yeah, I pulled a Gucci Mane,” Jones said while laughing. “Someone hacked into my social media. Oh man…Sometimes I’m emotional and sometimes I wish I was more disciplined. But truth is truth. So, you know, I’ll leave it at that. But we here. I’m not denying anything. I’m just saying sometimes I wish I was more disciplined in some of my actions. I’m a bit cooler than that. He’s a very smart dude. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good. That might be one of the problems, but I don’t know that many people—I don’t even know that many people as smart as he is. He’s a real smart dude. I can’t take that away from him. But that has nothing to do with business sense and the way I like my business to be ran. But that’s a whole ‘nother subject.”

Jones also addressed the recent Ray Rice controversy and shared his belief that everyone, both men and women, should “keep your hands to yourself.”

“It’s definitely nothing real about striking a female,” he said. “And I mean, we all know that females can get us to the point of no return. And we know that there’s certain situations that might be hard to hold back, but I beg all my men period whether you black, white, purple, Chinese, it doesn’t matter. Try to keep your hands to yourself. If you could just walk away. And that doesn’t give women the permission to put your hands on men because that’s not fair at all either.”

Jim Jones Speaks On Possible Tour With G-Unit, Fabolous & Other New York Artists

After Jim Jones was made aware that those in G-Unit expressed interest in touring with Dipset during their own interview with Hot 97, the rapper revealed that touring with G-Unit as well as a handful of other New York acts including Fabolous and The LOX would make for “one of the illest tours in Hip Hop history.”

“I think that that was one of the tours that we all used to think about back in the days,” the rapper said. “Even down to me and Cam. If it was an ill tour that would be the ill tour. And not even for that. As far as a real tour from New York. If we had the power or somebody with the means to do it. I would be like ‘G-Unit, Dipset, LOX, Fab, maybe a couple of the newer guys.’ But I think those people that I just mentioned right now has been in this game around the same amount of time and are still here and still noticeable…I speak about ‘em because I want them to come to life…I think that would be one of the illest tours in Hip Hop history.”

Lastly, Jones offered an update on his current endeavors, which includes the launch of a new soda line called Vamp Soda.

“I was young and still heavily running in the streets back then, so my temper was a little bit different,” Jones said when asked about his on-air argument with Mase years ago. “My chill button—I had no chill button. Right now I got like a three-quarters of a chill button…It’s good though. The music led me to the TV. TV, I started doing the clothing line. The clothing line started doing well. Now I’m into a venture with soda. [They’ll] be drinking Vamp Soda in a minute. First flavor, Vamp Berry. Real serious. I’m looking at different things, but this soda thing is very exciting to me.”

Jim Jones’ interview with Hot 97 can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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