Oakland, California based rap group Souls Of Mischief serve as the latest artists to address the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown weeks ago.

The group spoke on the matter during an interview with Vlad TV when asked if there are any similarities between Ferguson, Missouri and Oakland, California following the death of Oscar Grant at the hands of a BART Police officer in 2009.

Souls Of Mischief member A-Plus revealed that police brutality has been present for years and has recently been brought to the spotlight thanks to the use of social media.

“Hell yeah,” A-Plus said when asked about the similarities between Oakland and Ferguson following the deaths of Grant and Brown. “All of that shit. It’s just like cops killing mothafuckas indiscriminately. It’s happening everywhere. And the funny thing about it is it’s been happening. I mean, thank goodness for the advent of modern technology. Because that shit has been happening and it’s not the kind of stuff that people can just sweep under the rug anymore. Like the people who don’t live in these kinds of environments or see that kind of shit happen they’re like ‘Oh, I just—That would never happen. The police are cool. They help me out.’ But people been getting murdered for less all the time. And not only that, getting dope put on ‘em…And getting they ass beat and dropped in bad neighborhoods. All of this shit is some regular shit. So, this ain’t surprising at all. But thank goodness for Mike Brown. Rest his soul. But just bringing attention. And as well as Oscar Grant. And as well as Trayvon Martin…If they gotta die I’m glad people talking about it.”

Tajai later shared his thoughts on the matter, informing those watching that they didn’t know the police couldn’t rough someone up until the beating of Rodney King in 1991.

“Until Rodney King we didn’t know the police couldn’t beat you up,” Tajai said. “Police used to always beat you up. You know what I’m saying? Like real talk. Until Rodney King. We didn’t [know]…We come from an era where you gotta respect Five. They still beat you or chain you up to something for a long ass period of time. Or bring you in for something…On a certain level these dudes is hopping out of cars with guns scared of the people they’re about to go and approach. And are ready to kill you…We ain’t addressing that aspect of it.”

The release of Souls Of Mischief’s interview with Vlad TV comes weeks after the group released their most recent project, There Is Only Now.

Other artists who have spoken out against police brutality following the death of Mike Brown include Killer Mike, Talib Kweli, and Immortal Technique.

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