Travi$ Scott, who recently released his Days Before Rodeo project, says he’s still happy being referred to as Kanye West’s protege. 

“Man, it’s ill,” he says in an interview with Grantland. “’Ye told me all the time, he wants me to carry the music through time. He trusts me with the sound and shit.” 

While he’s happy with Kanye West’s mentorship, he isn’t as pleased when speaking about his father. When asked about his parent’s education, he explains why the two don’t see eye-to-eye.

“My dad has his master’s in … what’s that shit with politics … political science,” he says. “But you know, me and this nigga fought all the time. That nigga never really did shit. He used to always be home and shit. It’s fucked up. It’s just weak, man. It’s the worst shit ever, man.” 

Despite quarrels with his father, Scott says he remains helpful to his mother. 

“Gotta hold my moms down,” he says. 

Scott’s Days Before Rodeo is available on HipHopDX. To listen to the project, click here

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