Chance The Rapper delivered a speech to Chicago, Illinois fans in appreciation for this year’s Little League World Series champions, Jackie Robinson West.

“It’s not often that we get a chance to learn a lesson in leadership and teamwork; ambition and humility at the same time,” Chance said on stage at a rally for the team. “You’ve seen them play. It’s seldom that you learn that lesson from the perspective of somebody in their senior — as a father, as a grandmother, as an older brother, as an older sister. It’s almost never you get that chance to view it from a TV, from a living room, on top of a balcony, overlooking a city finally hitting its stride. Chicago, make some noise…I’m so excited. ”

Jackie Robinson West also made history when it became the first all-Black team to win the Little League World Series.

Chicago White Sox Executive Vice President Kenny Williams recently spoke to TIME about what the team means to Chicago.

“Unfortunately, we’ve woken up to bad news far too often,” Williams said. “Everyone is aware of the murder rate in Chicago, particularly in western and southern parts of the city. Yes, these things are happening, but there are so many superstar people in these communities doing so many positive things. People volunteering to help at-risk youth, kids playing and learning from sports. And these kids, playing baseball, have helped show this city in such a different light. They are changing perceptions.”

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