The life of Sylvia Robinson, who owned Sugar Hill Records, is being made into a biopic, according to Billboard

Sugar Hill Records released “Rapper’s Delight,” the breakthrough 1979 single from Sugarhill Gang. The label also released “The Message,” the 1982 single by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. The songs are among the most significant and influential in Hip Hop History.

The imprint also released material from The Sequence and the Treacherous Three, among others.

Robinson’s son Joey is slated to executive produce and consult on the film, which focuses on his mother’s career as a singer and owner of Sugar Hill Records. Melle Mel, who was also a member of The Furious Five and a solo artist, will consult Joey Robinson on the film.

Prior to launching Sugar Hill Records, Robinson recorded as Little Sylvia, as one-half of Mickey & Sylvia and as a solo artist. 

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