In a ThisIs50 vlog published last week, G-Unit member Tony Yayo had a few choices words for “your favorite rapper.” While at a New York City Popeyes with Young Buck, Kidd Kidd, and his lawyer, Yayo informed those watching that G-Unit continues to beat up and take jewelry from rappers.

“You know, G-Unit we stay beating niggas up, rappers up,” Yayo said. “So, I mean, you gotta keep your lawyer with you, man. Shout out to Young Buck…You know The Unit [will] beat the shit out your favorite rapper. Take your jewelry, whatever. We still got money. But we keep it positive…Like I said, shout out to 50, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Kidd Kidd. G-Unit World, nigga.”

Yayo’s comments come weeks after former G-Unit affiliate Slowbucks was beat up and robbed of his chain during G-Unit’s reunion performance at Summer Jam. The incident even resulted in Slow launching his own investigation into the matter.

During a press conference held in June, Slowbucks’ lawyer addressed the altercation and what the rapper felt was an attack on his brand.

“He was jumped by a bunch of guys that had one thing in mind, to try to hurt his brand,” his lawyer said. “They know he is the founder of Slowbucks, the #1 urban brand on the rise today. They want to hurt that brand and they are trying to hurt that brand. We are going to put an end to that. We’re here, I’m a trademark attorney, I’m a copyright attorney and I fight unfair competition.”

Additionally, Tony Yayo recently denied claims that he ran during a physical altercation between Fredro Starr and 50 Cent. In a tweet sent on August 1, the G-Unit lyricist stated that he was locked up when the alleged encounter between 50 and Fredro took place.

The ThisIs50 vlog featuring Tony Yayo can be found below.

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