During an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa spoke in-depth about the conversation he had with fellow artist Tyga after it was announced that Tyga would no longer be joining him on the Under The Influence Of Music Tour.

According to Wiz, he was more concerned with the lack of communication between the two and how that may have been perceived by others.

“I was just like ‘we run what we do,’” Wiz said last month, according to AllHipHop.com. “How people look at it and how they see it is all on us. So, if you want it to be like ‘I’m too busy’, that’s how it’s going to look like. If you want it to be like ‘Me and Wiz would love for this to happen but we didn’t get a chance to because of this that and the other thing but I’m going to make it up.’ Then we can orchestrate that amongst us and then it comes off right. That’s what I was telling him.”

Despite Tyga’s absence from the Under The Influence Of Music Tour, Wiz is currently joined by Ty Dolla $ign, Mack Wilds, DJ Drama, and fellow headliner, Jeezy on the tour. In regards to serving as headliner alongside Jeezy, the Taylor Gang rapper says the pairing brings about good vibes and an audience that is accepting of both artists.

“With me and Jeezy being like the headliners it brings such a really, really good vibe,” he said. “Cause it’s his crowd. It’s my crowd. And they get to enjoy each other. See how similar they are. And we both set it up to where people just get to enjoy both of us on that level…Jeezy always has some homies like me hanging around him. Little weirdoes in the cut.”

With his Blacc Hollywood album due out tomorrow (August 19), Wiz spoke briefly on the concept behind his newest project and being inspired by Michael Jackson and Prince.

“The theme is just really embracing who you are creatively,” the rapper said. “Your own ideas. Your own path. There’s just a lot of moments that I want captured that are really important to me in life. And just make songs that really live that out…Really just as far as aiming it towards making hits. Being big. You know what I mean? As far as what people will respect as far as production and writing. All of those things that go into making an album. I actually got to executive produce the album. My own album, which is really, really tight. So, it’s like I’m just flexing.”

In a newly-released interview with HipHopDX, Wiz spoke on a variety of topics including the credit he’s received from artists who are considered OGs in the game.

“It feels good,” Wiz said when asked about getting respect from artists like Nas and Juicy J. “It’s very validating to the fact of, where I’m headed with my music. Just them being fans of mine, or respecting what I do for whatever reason, it pushes me in the right direction.”

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