When it concerns the issues between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, fellow rapper Remy Ma says the problem between the two artists needs to “get better on its own.” She revealed that she would likely be unable to mediate the situation between the two, and later credited the media and fans for fueling the beef between Nicki and Kim, which has gone on for years.

“The beef that happened with Nicki and Kim, I think it’s something that they have to handle,” Remy Ma said. “I don’t think I would be able to mediate the situation. Cause just based on some of the interviews that I’ve seen with Kim she seems very, very upset…I just think sometimes when people are hurt and they believe that something was done to do them wrong, it’s kind of hard for people to just come in and say ‘Oh, we need to fix this. Let’s make it better.’ Sometimes you just gotta let things take its course and get better on its own.”

Prior to addressing the feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, Remy was asked to name the newer artists she’s a fan of. Among the artists the Bronx lyricist named were singer/rapper Drake and Philly emcee Meek Mill.

“I like Drake,” she said. “I think Drake is dope. And not just on a song tip. I really listen. I’m one of those people that really listens to what people are saying. You can have a dope beat and your hook is catchy or whatever, but I wanna listen to what you saying. And I think what he does with words is crazy. It’s so many of his records that I like. I tell people all the time. I like Meek. Because he’s just so hard and raw and gritty and it reminds me of when The Lox had first came out. And DMX. And everybody was just spitting. And he does it. And he makes records. And he’s being accepted. So, just to see somebody who’s actually spitting be received by the masses like that is a wonderful thing.”

When asked about her time spent in prison, Remy went on to rattle down the list of artists who supported her during her incarceration.

She revealed that singer Keyshia Cole was one of the first artists to offer her assistance. Another artist Remy said proved helpful during her incarceration was 50 Cent who helped in signing letters for her appeal.

“When I needed letters for my appeal,” Remy said. “Saying that if in fact I was released I would have a job and this is how I would stay out of trouble and reintegrate into society. 50 Cent had no problem not once, but twice signing letters saying that ‘She would definitely have somewhere to work.’ And it wasn’t a delay. I didn’t feel like I had to chase anybody around…I think they genuinely felt for my situation. They really understood that not only was—Like they didn’t look at me as Remy Ma the rapper. I was Remy and ‘Whatever you need I got you.’ And I never felt like anybody I was talking to was fake or just saying it because I was on the phone with them. Cause for what? They didn’t have to.”

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