Speaking with Funkmaster Flex for her first post-prison interview, Remy Ma explained her day of release schedule and plans to record new music. While she wouldn’t speak definitively on the possibility of a record deal, she did speak about the early collaboration with DJ Khaled

Addressing her immediate return to the recording booth, Remy detailed “[needing] to touch that studio.”

“I’m excited,” she said of her release. “I’m happy. I’m extremely happy. I’m blessed God allowed me to get another chance at what I love to do. Everyone’s been super, uber supportive. You know, most people assumed I guess, they was like, ‘What do you wanna do? You wanna go home? You wanna see your family?’ I’m like, ‘I’ve been seeing them everyday since I’ve been gone. I need to touch that studio.’ You know…I was in Bedford Hills Correctional, maximum security for women…They let me out [almost four o’clock] in the afternoon yesterday. Pap [was] there…my son [was] there. My daughter, my step-daughter, my step-son, and my brothers, both of my brothers.”

Asked about who she called first as a free woman, Remy spoke about talking to her mother and calling DJ Khaled directly after.

“Who did I call first? I think I called my mom,” she said. “I called my mom first. My mom was really excited. She had been there the day before ‘cause they was all expecting me to get out the day before and she was really upset. She had been crying and stuff. So I called my mom.

“Khaled is like the second person I called,” she added. “See, you didn’t ask me who was the second person I called. [Laughs] I called Khaled. I been talking to Khaled since I was still incarcerated. He has a lot of great ideas and things he would like to do. I haven’t signed with anyone yet. I don’t know where I wanna sign yet. I just know that I got so much I wanna say and so much great songs that I think the world needs to hear. I was talking to Khaled, he was like, ‘I’m in the studio now, I gotta run to Toronto right quick.’ I was like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna go get dressed and I’m gonna shoot over there.’ That’s pretty much that. People wanted to throw parties, go out to dinner. I’m like, ‘I got ya’ll, let me do this real quick.’”

Addressing the possibility of a label signing, Remy explained that her connection to Terror Squad is long over but added that she has spoken with Fat Joe and they remain on good terms.

“Terror Squad hasn’t been Terror Squad for a long time,” she said. “I did speak to Joe and I mentioned it a couple of times before my release. We had a really good conversation, we cleared the air on a lot of things. Actually, my deal was always through Universal. Joe was like worked into my deal so he would be taken care of just on the strength of everything. But I never actually had an official Terror Squad [deal] but I was always official Terror Squad crew. That’s not like that anymore. I still got love for them though.”

During the interview, Remy also spoke both generally and specifically about females in Hip Hop.

“What I think happens with females in this game, they tend to allow other people to pit us against each other,” she said. “I’ve said this before. They make it seem like there can only be one female. It can be a thousand guys that’s putting out music and rapping and doing what they do, but when it comes to females in this Hip Hop business, they make it seem like it can only be one, and if there’s more than one then ‘Alright, y’all better be at each other’s throats every chance that you get.’ And any time you say one of those things, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, she has to be talking about this person when she said that.’ And I just feel like it got really crazy, to the point where I wouldn’t tolerate it. Me personally. Some people they’re easily led astray.”

Detailing the support she’s received from female emcees during her incarceration, Remy highlighted the words of encouragement she received from Nicki Minaj.

“Even when you get to people like Nicki, throughout my entire bid, numerous times I’ve seen interviews she’s done where she like, ‘Free Remy’ or ‘tell Rem holla at me.’” she said. “So, I could definitely say on my behalf, I haven’t gotten any shade from any of them. Old school, new school, nothing.”

Before hanging up, Remy included a short list of rappers she hopes to soon make music with.

“I’m so mad because I really had my heart set on Meek…Meek, Ross, who else is out there?” she said. “I think that it would be dope if we could really get an ill chic record. With everybody who’s doing what they do. I mean, me, maybe Iggy Azalea, Nicki. Just do like a nice little collab…Azalea Banks reached out to me. I’m actually waiting, she wants me to do a record with her…I’m gonna do what I do regardless. I don’t have a problem with it. There’s enough room for everybody.”

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