Childish Gambino sent a series of tweets yesterday (August 13) and today (August 14) about wanting to be a white rapper and about police brutality.  

The rapper’s posts come on the heels of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Several Rap figures, including Big Boi and Nelly, have responded to Brown’s death.

“twitter activism is wack,” Childish Gambino wrote on Twitter today. “marches don’t work anymore. police should be forced to wear recording devices.” 



In another post, Childish Gambino wrote about his desire to be White and the significance of people who say he’s a White rapper.

“when someone calls me a “white rapper”, i wanna make sure they understand i don’t have all the benefits.,” he posted on Twitter, tweets that followed him tweeting, “childish gambino is a white rapper.”

Childish Gambino’s tweets are as follows: 

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