Last night (August 12), the first episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop aired on Oxygen. During the episode, tension arose between Nyemiah Supreme and Diamond when Nyemiah Supreme claimed to have never heard of the Crime Mob emcee. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Nyemiah Supreme and Diamond shared the details and resolution of their confrontation.

“What was said wasn’t that I didn’t hear of her,” says Queens, New York lyricist Nyemiah Supreme. “During that conversation I was asking her what did she do in Hip Hop, what did she change? She was having a conversation on how she was honored for something, and I was asking her, ‘What did they honor you for? What did you change?’ And that escalated into its own thing. But it was more so just a questioning what was done. I’ve heard of her. I’ve seen her through social media and blog interviews and things like that.”

Crime Mob’s Diamond, who also stars on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, says Nyemiah Supreme was doing “that cocky talk,” but affirms the pair we able to move past their differences. She also adds that the scenario was real and not staged for the cameras.

“That’s what I think we were excited about, because it was all natural stuff that they had, seeing how we feel,” Diamond says about the reality show. “I think that she probably knew who I was but probably was just throwing a little shade. Like how Brianna [Perry] [would] say, ‘We’ll tease, we might do Rap, we might be rapping, we might be competitive. Oh, I’m cute today, whatever, whatever.’ Also being a New Yorker. Both my mother and father were born in New York and I have like six aunties and two uncles or whatever, so she could have just been on her New York like, ‘Yo!’ That cocky talk. I’m just like, ‘What? What you mean? How old are you? Do the math.’ But we were still able to truck through that. So yes, it was. It was real.”

Recently Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond and the rest of the Sisterhood Of Hip Hop cast discussed whether there is a renaissance of female emcees in Hip Hop.

The next episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop will air on Oxygen on August 19 at 9PM EST.

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