Nina Millin has generated buzz for her work in the Beyoncelogues, a series of YouTube videos in which the actress treats Beyonce lyrics as if they were written in a script for a monologue. 

This idea came to Millin after the actress tried to perform a Beyonce song during a karaoke outing, but she says she couldn’t make it through the track. “That’s why she’s the queen,” Millin says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Her music is so beautiful and powerful. I just couldn’t accept that I’d never be able to perform them myself and experience the feelings she sings about. I’m completely inspired by her as a performer.”

That’s when a light bulb went off for Millin, who asked herself an important question: “Why not approach them as theatrical text and perform them as monologues?”

Millin, who compares working on her Beyoncelogues to working on material by William Shakespeare, says she noticed a “dramatic tone that came to the surface” in Bey’s lyrics. “It was just too delicious not to explore,” she says. 

Part of her explorations led her to understanding why she feels Beyonce’s work is so empowering. 

“I’ve always felt that her message is that there is great power in expressing both one’s vulnerability and strength,” she says. “It’s such an empowering concept, for both women and men.” 

Millin, who says she may do the same type of concept for work by different artists, says her Beyoncelogues has generated support from various places. 

“I have people writing to me and tweeting from around the world,” she says. “I am just thankful that the response has been so positive. It’s really a true testament to the power of Beyonce and her music.”

Beyond Beyoncelogues, Millin is also working on other material, including a new series with Sara Schaefer and Little Bobo Productions, as well as a web-series with Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Some of Millin’s Beyoncelogues can be viewed below. 

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