Charlamagne Tha God, who says he’s spoken to 50 Cent and Slowbucks about a chain snatching that took place at Hot 97’s 2014 Summer Jam event, says he believes Slowbucks misstepped by getting on stage that day. 

“Slow shouldn’t have been on that stage,” Charlamagne says in an interview with VladTV. “That’s all it boils down to. If you had any inkling that a crazy motherfuckin’ cancer like 50 Cent got a problem with you, the last thing you shoulda did is been in his backyard. I remember I was sitting there, watching it online and I said to myself, once I saw all those people on stage, I said, ‘If a fight don’t break out right now, I don’t believe in New York no more.’ I was really looking on stage like, aight, you got G Unit, boom. You got Fab and his team. French was just up there. You know 50 and French got issues, but I guess French got the fuck out of there. Smart guy. Meek [Mill] was just up there. It was just all these New York motherfuckers. It was so many Timberlands on that stage, so many Timberlands and Yankee fitteds. I’m like, ‘If somebody don’t fight on this stage, I don’t believe in New York no more.’ I literally said that…Twenty seconds later, boom, all that shit went down. I’m like ‘Okay that’s what I’m talkin’ bout’.”

Another misstep Slowbucks made, according to Charlamagne, was in posting an image on Instagram that included Marquise Jackson, 50 Cent’s oldest son. When Bucks did this, 50 Cent replied by saying it was a “bad idea.” Knowing this, Charlamagne says, Slowbucks should have called 50 Cent to figure out just what he thought was a bad idea and he believes Slow could have apologized for any harm that caused then. Either way, Charlamagne adds that Slowbucks had to know there was an issue with him at Summer Jam.

Charlamagne Says Slowbucks Got “Caught Up” In Hype

“I heard Fif had a problem with him,” he explains. “So if I know, I know you gotta know. Shoulda picked up the phone and saw what was up. But I really feel like Slow was on the side of the stage and he said it on The Breakfast Club, he got caught up in the hype. He got caught up in the hype, he said it, he was like ‘Yo, 50 was on stage, Nas was on stage, only thing missing was me. I’m a legend.’ Slow, no. Those two guys are legends, Slowbucks. I’m not putting you in no legend category. No.”

“He got caught up in his own hype. And I mean I can understand him wanting to be on that stage, ’cause if you from Queens and you see two Queens legends, like 50 and Nas, like boom I want to be there too. But in my mind, I would’ve been thinking, one day I’mma be up there getting my shine and getting my just do, the way those two guys are right now. I wouldn’t feel like I needed to be on that stage with them. And he went on that stage and you saw what happened.”

While many, including 50 Cent, have called Slowbucks a snitch for hiring a lawyer and hosting a press conference, among other things, Charlamagne says he doesn’t think Slow is a snitch.

Charlamagne Says Slowbucks Did Not Snitch

“I can’t call what Slowbucks did snitchin’,” he adds. “Simply because it was done in front of fifty thousand people on camera. He didn’t have to say a word. We saw what happened. Okay, that’s number one. Number two, all of that was a bad idea. he shouldn’t have had that press conference and he shouldn’t have did no interviews. Sometimes you just gotta take an L in life, sometimes just success takes a shot at you, you know what I’m sayin’, it happens. Should’ve just got low, shoulda just kept putting out clothes. His artist, let his artist keep putting out music. He shouldn’t have acknowledged it. It is what it is. Dudes do whatever they did to you on stage, took your chain, that’s it.

“Rob me in front of fifty thousand people and take my chain,” he continues. “I’m gonna see who the fuck I can sue. Can I sue Metlife Stadium? Can I sue the radio station that threw the event? Who can I sue? Can I sue G Unit? I’m gonna talk to my lawyer and do you think there’s a possibility we can get some bread out of the motha fuckin’ situtation? Why wouldn’t you? That’s the American way, suing.” 

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