Although music power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé are currently on the road as part of their On The Run Tour, radio personality Star shared his belief that Jay Z is “regulating” Beyoncé.

He addressed the matter on his Star: Live & Direct radio show and added that Beyoncé’s father and the singer’s focus on vanity is the reason why Jay Z is regulating her life. And according to the radio host, Jay Z also has “barking rights” in the relationship because of those two factors.

“I wanna take my time today to talk about Jay Z regulating Beyoncé,” Star said in a video posted on Vlad TV. “Some of you, you have no fuckin clue as to what’s going on within that relationship. I’ve never met—Well, I kinda sorta—I don’t want to say I formally met Beyoncé. She was walking by the studio as I was doing my show. Her and Destiny’s Child. This was back in the early days…But I wanna talk about the fact—Or I’m sorry, my assumption, my opinion that Jay Z is regulating Beyoncé. And it has to do with her father, respectfully being a low life piece of shit. When you’re a man and you’ve got a woman who’s as vanity driven as Beyoncé is, her father’s a piece of shit. You have what’s called barking rights. He’s not a beater to my knowledge. And I wanna take the time to talk about this relationship. If it is going left. If it has gone sour, I wanna tell you just why Jay Z is telling her ‘Bitch, kick rocks. Fuck outta here.’”

Star also took time to address another couple during his radio show as he shared his thoughts on Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s new song, “What The F@#K You Gon Do?” which some believe takes aim at her husband, T.I.

“It sounds to me like as if Tiny is telling T.I. ‘Nigga, what the fuck you gon’ do…Nigga, I got these babies What the fuck you gon’—So what if I seen Money Mayweather’s dick, nigga. And what? What the fuck you gon’do?’ The little part of the lyrics I heard, she’s talking about ‘How does it feel to be on the other side of the gun? Yadda yadda.’ She’s talking crazy,” he said.

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