Earlier this month, the rumor of Tupac Shakur faking his own death was again reawakened when the official Twitter account for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tweeted the following message: “No, we don’t know where Tupac is. #twitterversary.”

And during a recent interview with Vlad TV, Outlawz rapper E.D.I. Mean was questioned about the CIA’s tweet and the possibility of Tupac faking his own death. Prior to revealing that he wouldn’t be surprised by anything involving Tupac, E.D.I. Mean recalled the late rapper telling him that “Mystery will keep you alive forever.”

He also says he unknowingly spawned a whole new set of rumors about Tupac being alive when he placed his cousin, who looked similar to Pac, in one of his music videos.

“Pac was a smart dude, man,” E.D.I. Mean said. “You know, Pac he would say shit to us like ‘Yo, remember mystery sells. Mystery will keep you alive forever’…I put a video out called ‘Thug Life 2013’ last year. And in the video I got my cousin with me. Who’s kinda tall, dark-skinned, got a bald head. And in one of the scenes he just walks past. A whole fuckin movement started about that being Pac in that video. That’s all they talked about was ‘Yo, that was Pac in that video.’”

E.D.I. Mean once again addressed rumors that the Outlawz smoked Tupac’s ashes following his death. He says the story did in fact start from a rumor and says he would never “purposefully do anything” to get shine from Tupac.

“It’s true. That is true,” he said when asked about Tupac’s family denying that the Outlawz had any access to the rapper’s ashes. “That was not our son. You know what I mean? So, we don’t have that. And we shouldn’t have that…It started from a rumor. After that story came out we was told those weren’t Pac’s ashes. Everything we did came from an honest place. It didn’t come from trying to get no light from it. Cause that’s not how we rock. I would never purposefully do anything to get some light from my man. Whatever light I got is light that he was sharing with me, generously. He had a choice to do it…And when he got on records and said, ‘Last wishes, nigga, smoke my ashes’ whether people want to admit it or not or believe it or not, a lot of times when we was making music together we would talk to each other in our verses.”

As a good friend of Tupac’s, E.D.I. Mean was asked what he thought of Jermaine Dupri comparing Chris Brown to Tupac, during a previous installment of his interview with Vlad TV. He revealed that he’s not concerned with the comparison and hopes Brown does well in his career.

“People expect us to take it personal,” he said. “Like ‘Yo, how y’all feel about that? Man, y’all should do another ‘Hit Em Up’ for Jermaine Dupri.’ Like what the fuck I look like dissing Jermaine Dupri? And I enjoy Chris’ music. You know what I mean? I wish him well in what he do. And I hope he don’t got to go through half the shit Pac went through.”

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