While speaking with Vlad TV, Outlawz rapper E.D.I. Mean shared his thoughts on Jermaine Dupri proclaiming that crooner Chris Brown will become “more famous than Tupac.” The Brooklyn lyricist first addressed Dupri’s comments by stating that Tupac, as well as a handful of other artists, will always be the benchmark.

E.D.I. Mean later revealed that he’s not at all bothered by the comparison and hopes Brown does well in his career and avoids the struggles Tupac endured prior to his death in 1996.

“At the end of the day that dude is the benchmark,” he said. “That’s it. That’s the benchmark. I don’t care who else they talk about. When people talk about being big and being famous and being legendary and impacting the world, that’s the benchmark right there. It’s him, Bob, Martin, Malcolm, Jesus…Michael. Absolutely. But it’s a very short list. And for our culture and our time period, that’s where it’s at. So, they always gon’ say that. And I don’t—People expect us to take it personal. Like ‘Yo, how y’all feel about that? Man, y’all should do another ‘Hit Em Up’ for Jermaine Dupri.’ Like what the fuck I look like dissing Jermaine Dupri? And I enjoy Chris’ music. You know what I mean? I wish him well in what he do. And I hope he don’t got to go through half the shit Pac went through.”

The Outlawz lyricist later addressed the lack of social commentary in today’s music, pointing out that it’s the first time where what’s happening in the real world isn’t depicted in music.

“It definitely is missing,” E.D.I. Mean said. “Or if it is there it’s not getting the attention and the light that it might deserve. And It’s kind of like to me the first time in music [where] what’s happening in the real world and what’s happening in music is totally different. And a lot of times, especially with the music that I love it kind of had a balance to it. But now it’s just disparagingly on opposite spectrums of reality.”

In regards to his own music, E.D.I Mean says he’s currently working on his solo album, The Hope Dealer, but has no plans on rushing the project.

“Right now, I’m working on a solo album called The Hope Dealer,” the rapper said. “That I’m like two years in the making because I been doing a whole lot of other shit and I just work on it when I feel it. It ain’t really no pressure on it. I’m just putting it out for people to enjoy. It’s what I feel is good music. It ain’t what I feel is missing from the game. I ain’t trying to teach nobody no shit. I ain’t trying to represent for the OGs and talk down to the little niggas. I’m just trying to make some good music that I hope people enjoy.”

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