During a series of posts on his Instagram page, Shyne addresses Nas about a variety of topics. 

“How U been so hot for 20 years my G ? @nasnyc #backstage,” Shyne says in one post.

A series of images and captions followed, including two referring to a chain snatching incident at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam. The most public chain snatching featured Slowbucks getting his chain snatched while 50 Cent and Fabolous performed

“& how that bum ass n++ got his chain snatched at summer jam? He can’t be from queens bridge…. #QB# #lake @nasnyc the g*d #illmatic 20 years,” Shyne says. “Then they kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl esco, U was performing tho….. Esco, my g, U can’t let him come back to queens tho…. #illmatic #20 years all time greats.” 

While 50 Cent denied any knowledge of Slowbucks’ chain snatching, Bucks has reportedly launched an investigation about the incident

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