G.O.O.D. Music emcee CyHi The Prynce spoke on his relationship with fellow artist Kanye West, who will reportedly executive produce his upcoming studio album, during a newly-published interview with DJBooth TV. While speaking on Kanye, CyHi went on to detail the lessons he’s learned from the Chicago rapper.

According to CyHi, who says he was always eager to learn from Ye, he learned the importance of releasing music that fits the concepts and stories in his music rather than focusing on what may sound hot in a song.

“I learned a lot from Kanye West too,” the Stone Mountain, Georgia rapper said. “I’m not one of them people who like are too big to go like sit around him for four or five months. A lot of my friends and peers are like—Big Sean and them get a lot of money. So, they be everywhere. But me, I like to just sit up under him and just soak everything I can from [him]. Like my mom always say ‘Hey, you in Paris? Are you having fun?’ I be like ‘No, I’m not having fun.’ You know what I mean? Cause it’s like you get to a certain level—Ye preaches responsibility.

“We don’t have the luxury to just rhyme words just because they sound like ‘This the next word. If I say this everybody gonna go crazy,’” he added. “I can’t say that if it don’t fit who I am. If it don’t fit the concept. If it don’t fit the story. If it don’t fit the characters. If it don’t fit the mood. You know what I’m saying? They gotta be dead on. That’s something I learned from him. Just being very strict on what I put out and what I do…Just sitting up under him, man, I’m learning how to put my artwork together, put my videos together, put songs together, build records from scratch.”

In regards to a studio album from CyHi The Prynce, he says he’s in the infant stages of creating such a project.

“I’m just really getting my ducks in a row,” CyHi said. “Really thinking about what producers I want to work with, what artists. Different things like that. So, it’s very—It’s at an infant stage…Give me about two or three months I can tell you more. I just got started…It’s a feeling, man. I want to come in. I want to give the energy. I want people to get into it first. So, I get em into it. Then I let em know where I came from and then I let em know what I’m a part of. And then at the end of it I just let you know who I am.”

Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX in February, CyHi revealed that he hopes to release several mixtapes before focusing on his debut album.

“I want to release a few mixtapes and then focus on my first album. [We] been working on all this new music,” he said.

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