Rittz looks back at his first Strange Music album, 2013’s The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant, and describes himself as an artist in an AllHipHop interview

“I try to rap about real shit that happened in my life to get to this point,” the Georgia rapper says. “This next album that I got, I express a lot about my career and where I’m at.”

Rittz didn’t change his style for his upcoming album, Next To Nothing, which is slated for a September 9 release. 

“I just kept going with making the music that I make that hopefully pleases the fans,” he said. “So I didn’t change up anything.

“I just kind of stuck with my formula,” Rittz continues, “I have a formula for picking out beats whether it was for the last album or this album, I start with picking out tracks and I just flow from the heart, whatever is on my mind. So I think I don’t compromise my music that pleases my fans to make money or anything like that.”

The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant got four out of five Xs in HipHopDX’s album review. When discussing his new album, Rittz says he focuses on making it better than the last. 

“I got a nice, well-rounded album, but it’s always pressure on the next one trying to think of… you know, you want people to like it more,” he says. “You don’t want to put it out and [fans] be like, ‘Ehh I like his last one better.’ So that pressure was there. I think I made it happen.

“You know I have some feel good songs and some songs that I rap about the lighter periods of life,” Rittz adds, “and those are fun, and songs that I’m showing off rap skills.”

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