With rumors swirling around the upcoming production of an N.W.A biopic, the group’s former manager Jerry Heller spoke with The Murder Master Music Show and shared his thoughts on the project.

“I really don’t know anything about that movie, they haven’t contacted me about it,” he said. “They haven’t asked me to be part of it. I really know very little about it. It’s disappointing to me, but those guys have their own agenda.”

When the topic of an actor playing Heller himself in the film was raised, he hinted that he may “have some kind of recourse there” if not treated properly.

“I have no idea who,” he said. “I just think that there’s nobody involved with that project that you’re talking about that really has any inside information about what really happened. You know, my book tells what really happened. So we’ll just stick around and see. I think that if they don’t treat me properly, certainly, you know I’ll have some kind of recourse there.”

Moving onto a conversation about his relationship with Eazy-E, Heller said that he makes himself available to the rapper’s children.

“Well I have on occasion,” Heller said of remaining in contact with Eazy-E’s children, “not on a regular basis. You know they start to get older, everybody has their own life. I’m here for them anytime that they need my advice or assistance, they all have my number. I’ve met with little E a couple of times. I’ve corresponded with Derrick and I certainly know EB probably better than any of the rest of the children. I’m here for them if they feel that they want to discuss anything.”

“I’d rather not comment on that,” he added of the possibility of one of the rapper’s children playing their father in the film. “Sooner or later this could all be a part of some bigger picture and I don’t want to really be tied down. If that were my project I certainly would’ve probably given them a lot more consideration than they’ve gotten and I know that’s the way that Eazy would’ve wanted it.”

“Well first of all he was an incredible visionary,” Heller said. “He was a stand up guy. He was a good friend. He was incredibly talented. He had the ability to make you more than you would be on your own. He was just a pleasure to be in business with. I was just always proud to be in business with Eric. I don’t understand why he died. I don’t believe that he died the way that they said that he did and I think about him all the time. I’m sitting in my office right now looking out the window and he lived right next door to me. I think I would be sitting at this desk, my desk at 3:30 in the morning and he would be coming home or whatever and we had keys to each other’s houses. He would stop in and he would come up and talk about what happened at the office during the day or whatever. We had a really close cordial relationship…He was like my flesh and blood son. I’ve never had a relative that I’ve ever been closer to than I was with Eric. If he would’ve continued living you know, think of everything he would have accomplished. He was always way ahead of his time.”

Jerry Heller Speaks On Eazy-E Wanting To Kill Suge Knight

Last year, Heller claimed that Eazy-E told him he wanted to kill Suge Knight before the agent/manager talked him out of it. While speaking on the matter in 2013, Heller said he should have let Eazy followed through with the plan.

“You know something? I should have let him kill him,” he said. “You know? I would have done the world a favor. He would have done it for sure by himself. He always rolled by himself and he was fearless…I think that he was going to go do it. I took him seriously.”

“I wasn’t looking at it from a personal point of view was just looking at it from a practical point of view and from a practical point of view, he came to the right conclusion,” Heller said in this more recent interview. “I talked him out of it because business wise it was a bad decision to make. You know for a company as successful as the company he ran to be talking about things like that and seriously considering it and theres was no question in my mind that if I hadn’t talked him out of it he certainly would’ve attempted to do that and probably would’ve changed the course of the music business once again. I just was looking at it from a practical point of view, I didn’t want to see my friend and probably the guy that I think is the most important single guy in the history of Hip Hop have to go to jail never anticipating that he would die so soon after that. You know I don’t care one way or another about Suge Knight, I could give a fuck less about him one way or another. I see him every once in a while. He’s cordial to me, I’m cordial to him. We have some mutual acquaintances. I ran into him at a wedding. We’re always cordial to each other.”

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