Dee-1 received “an encouraging” note from Sallie Mae recently regarding his new mixtape, Free Lunch And Sallie Mae.

“Congratulations on your many successes in life – teaching students,  paying off your loans and living your dreams,” Sallie Mae said to Dee via Twitter. 

Dee-1 recently addressed the mixtape title. 



“Everybody I know either grew up getting free lunch at school or had to deal with [student loan corporation] Sallie Mae when they got older,” Dee-1 said in a press release recently. “So I dedicate this mixtape to me and my friends, looking at where we started, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going from here. When I posted that I had finished paying off Sallie Mae, people looked at me like a hero. So this is motivation for anyone trying to get over a hurdle in life.”

Sallie Mae says it has “helped more than 30 million Americans pay for college since 1972. We encourage students and families to supplement their savings by exploring grants, scholarships, federal and state student loans, and to consider the anticipated monthly payments on their total student loan debt and their expected future earnings before considering a private education loan,” according to its website

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