News regarding Lil Boosie’s musical career has been the buzz when talking about the recently freed Louisiana rapper, however aside from his daughter’s day-of jail release announcement video, little has been discussed regarding his children.

Recently talking with The Urban Daily, Boosie talked about the difficulty of being a dad and incarcerated at the same time. The only thing he says he felt he could do was reassure his children he would be free one day.

“When I was on death row fighting my cases all I could say was, ‘Daddy is coming’ home,” he said. “It was a struggle.”

The Baton Rouge native also talked about spending time with his kids and feels its safe enough for them to be in his hometown.

“In the summer and the holidays they stay with me, so they not really down there like that, so they protect it well,” he said. “It’s not to a point in my city where people are after me like that. It’s overrated to the public. I’ve got so much love in Baton Rouge, but there’s hatred to at that’s just a fact with anybody who been famous. You get the most hate in your own city.”

Lil Boosie was released from prison on March 5, 2014. He served five years on charges of drug possession, parole violations and first degree murder. He has since been recording music and is slated to release his next album, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, on July 15.

Watch the full segment with Urban Daily below:

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