Blueprint received a phone call from Atmosphere’s Ant recently, a call that would lend itself to a collaboration on the recently-released music video for “We Ain’t Gonna Die Today.”

“He asked me if I wanted to direct a music video for them,” Blueprint says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX “Of course I said yes. When I asked him what he wanted the video to be about, he told me to make it about a day in the life of my bass player Bobby Silver. Everybody that knows my friend Bob knows he’s a one of a kind dude and since we toured together for a year straight I had a lot if ideas. Once I wrote my ideas down, I talked to Bob and he was down. Some of the stuff in the video was planned out ahead of time, but other stuff was improvised on the spot.” 

Blueprint says he had his tasks outlined as a director. 

“What I tried to do as a director was to convey the concept of the song, but not in a way that is literal and mirrors everything Slug says,” Blueprint explains. “I also wanted to do it in a subtle way to where what Bob is all about really comes out. We didn’t have to buy any costumes for the video because Bob already owned them. Thats just the type of dude he is, whether the camera is rolling or not.” 

Blueprint says working on this was a family affair. However, he says there was more to this music video. 

“Even though Atmosphere is family to me, it’s an honor for me to help contribute,” he says. “Southsiders is a really dope record.” 

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