With their battle scheduled last at this weekend’s Smack/URL NOME 4 event, a match-up between Charlie Clips and Tay Roc was cancelled last minute when the venue shut the concert down for running over time.

Explaining that fans shouldn’t blame URL for the mistake, Charlie Clips released a video today offering to battle Tay Roc at Summer Madness 4 despite both rappers already having scheduled match-ups that day.

“Last night me and Tay Roc was supposed to have our epic rematch,” Clips said. “It didn’t go down at NOME 4. The event still was crazy. Shout out to everybody that came out…The event still was crazy but me and Tay Roc didn’t go down. I know everybody’s blaming URL right now, I wouldn’t blame URL if I was ya’ll, just speaking personally. They didn’t know that was gonna happen.”

“So, with that being said, ya’ll already know, I got Rex at Summer Madness 4,” he continued. “I’m willing to battle Rex and Tay Roc at Summer Madness 4 in the same night. How ‘bout that? I’m with it. I spoke to Roc. He got somebody at Summer Madness, I can’t speak on his opponent. He said he with it. So Charlie Clips vs. Tay Roc at Summer Madness 4 and Charlie Clips vs. T Rex at Summer Madness 4.  Let’s do it.”

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