Inglewood, California emcee, Skeme discussed his upcoming project, Play Dirty, Stay Dirty. In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, Skeme says the project will be presented by DJ Drama and includes appearances by T.I., Game, Eric Bellinger, among others. He also says that he’s waiting for verses from Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug.

“Young Thug, we need your verse,” Skeme says. “What’s happenin’. Kendrick, we need your verse. What’s happenin’. T.I., thank you for your verse. Game, thank you for your verse. Eric Bellinger, thank you for your hooks. That nigga’s amazing, by the way. That nigga Eric Bellinger can sing his ass off.”

During the interview, Skeme also reflected on his breakthrough mixtape, Pistols & Palm Trees. Released in 2010, Pistols & Palm Trees was Skeme’s first mixtape to receive significant online media coverage.  

“That was my first time making a push,” he says. “Prior to that, the Internet thing wasn’t really heavy for me. I was out the trunk selling my little mixtapes—burning and pressing my own joints, leave the house and just get them out. With [Pistols & Palm Trees ], that was my first time making any kind of push. I still didn’t have any kind of team around me, really at the time. It was just myself.

“I’ll never forget I was going to CMJ that year,” Skeme continues. “While I was in New York, it was the top trending topic in [Los Angeles] on Twitter and shit like that so it was a good feeling. It was something special about that joint. A lot of guys were on there. [Kendrick Lamar] was on there. Tyga was on there. [Dom Kennedy] was on there. Kent from Overdoz was on there. A lot of people was on that project. It was really just the homies. They wasn’t who they are now back then. It was the same thing, the same kind of love. Looking back at it, it was bigger than I was thinking it was back then. I think that’s just how that is: People tie a certain sentiment to a certain point in time. It was a different era for me. It was a different era for a lot of people. You look back on it like, ‘Man, I got some memories to that muthafucka.’”

Skeme released two projects in 2013, Bare With Me and Ingleworld. Currently there is no set release date for Play Dirty, Stay Dirty.

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