With their Wakedafucup record released earlier this year, Onyx sat down with ill Will for an interview while promoting the album in the UK. Touching on their return to music and former group member Sonsee’s absence from the record, Fredro Starr recalled his partner Sticky Fingaz’s verse on Eminem’s third album.

Asked if Eminem “went Hollywood,” the two seemed to agree that the rapper stayed true to his roots.

“That motherfucker still live in Detroit,” Fredro Starr said. “That nigga don’t wear no jewelry.”

“He probably drive a truck and shit,” Sticky Fingaz added.

“If any rapper never went Hollywood, that nigga definitely didn’t go Hollywood,” Starr continued. “That nigga still wear G-Shocks and shit. Eminem rich but I don’t think it went to his head like that man. Me, when I look at a nigga like Em, I just think that nigga’s a mad scientist. He goes to work. He’s ill with his shit. He’s about his business. He’s about his family. That’s all. We don’t judge niggas like that.”

Speaking specifically about Sticky’s appearance on the Marshall Mathers LP song “Remember Me?” Fredro Starr shared feeling like his partner out-rapped Em on his own track.

“The record that Stick did, ‘Remember [Me?]’ was a great record. I think Sticky bodied the nigga personally. But it was a good record. It was a competitive record, and that’s what Hip Hop is about. So fans could say, ‘Oh I think Em bodied him.’ That’s what Hip Hop need to back to. It used to be like that. Now niggas is getting on a record being cool with each other. Fuck all that. You get on a record, body me. I’m gonna try to body you. That’s what Hip Hop is about.”

“Remember Me?” appeared as the ninth track on Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP and also features Long Beach artist RBX. 

Later in the interview, while detailing his reaction to Drake referencing him on the Toronto artist’s commercial debut, Fredro Starr explained sampling the lyrics in question on his recent solo mixtape.

“I mean yeah I respect him for that reason,” he said. “He shout me out on his first album on a record with Jay Z, on the ‘Light Up’ record which was probably one of the hottest records on his first album—I don’t know if it was his first or second album. That’s just like me shouting out somebody on my records. I don’t shout out motherfuckers that I don’t respect. Sampling Drake on the Made In The Streets joint ‘The Truth’ was just an ode back to him. Like somebody giving you dap, I’m giving dap right back.”

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