With active accounts on both Instagram and Twitter, 50 Cent was recently asked about his presence on social media during his appearance on BET’s “106 & Park.” While discussing social media, the Queens emcee was asked what he loves and hates about social networking.

In regards to what he loves about social media, 50 revealed that it’s the ability to reach a large amount of people at a moment’s notice. And on the opposite end, the rapper informed those watching that he’s not a fan of the intrusiveness that comes with being on social media.

“The positive part is we’re able to reach large amounts of people,” 50 Cent said. “Like whenever you’re ready you can actually say things. So, you don’t actually have to be doing press or publicity in order to get a message to the masses…We can launch music at a faster pace and just put it straight on YouTube. Have everybody get a chance to see it. The thing that I don’t like sometimes is they feel like they are entitled to an explanation for things at points. You know? And it’s like it makes them follow with an intensity that’s—It’s beyond me. Like a lot of times if like—The things that you’ve done even in your career, it’s so many things that people would maybe think, but not ask you. You know what I’m saying? And because of the social networking they feel like it’s a sufficient place for them to ask that question.”

Towards the end of his interview on “106 & Park,” 50 Cent was asked to speak on his upcoming album, Animal Ambition. While addressing his new LP, 50 commented on the consistency needed when it comes to releasing music in today’s climate.

“More heat. Like for me I’m just warming up,” he said, when asked what fans can expect on Animal Ambition. “Just getting back in action. This is why I wanted to consistently release new music every week to keep everyone engaged. Because a lot of times now it takes 20 weeks for your record to make it to the Top 10. And it used to take six to eight.”

Animal Ambition will serve as 50 Cent’s first studio album following his departure from Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records in February of this year. The album is currently scheduled for release on June 3.

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