According to a recently released article from TMZ, R&B singer Chris Brown is putting his time behind bars to productive use.

TMZ reports that Brown has been writing music with singer James DeBarge as both musicians have been placed in cells adjacent to one another. While the two singers reportedly cannot see each other, the collaboration has yielded as many as three songs already. According to TMZ, both Brown and DeBarge, a once active musician of the Michigan-based family DeBarge band, are currently placed in a “segregated unit for high profile inmates.”

Earlier this month, Chris Brown was ordered an extra 131 days in jail according to a separate TMZ report. In an early May court date, Brown admitted to a violation of his probation after an altercation in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Brown has also reportedly been ordered to attend therapy twice a week and submit to a random drug testing three times a week. An assault trial stemming from the October felony assault charge in Washington, D.C. is reportedly pending.

Brown made news for a separate legal issue this May when reports of his sueing a man from a pick-up basketball game surfaced. According to TMZ, Brown was initially sued by a man named Malcolm Ausbon after an alleged disagreement and altercation took place owing to a foul call in a pick-up game. Brown has since counter-sued with the claim that he was not involved in the incident and that Ausbon was attempting to extort him.

Brown’s upcoming assault trial could result in further jail time as he was under probation for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 when the incident in D.C. took place. The assault charges from October caused a judge to revoke the star’s probation and he was later asked to leave a live-in anger management rehabilitation center in November for reportedly throwing a rock at his mother’s car when she visited.

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