In 2007, Huey emerged with the single, “Pop, Lock & Drop It.” During the course of a 23-week stint on Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” chart, the track peaked at the #6 spot. It was certified as double platinum a year later.

Since his sophomore effort Redemption, things have been quiet for the St. Louis rapper, and he says the hiatus has been necessary.

“The contracts weren’t right to begin with,” says Huey of his deal with HiTz Committee, Jive and Zomba Label Group. “I was young and anxious, so I accepted the deal not knowing any better. After selling millions of records, I realized I had nothing except show money, and I knew something was wrong. I fought for years to get out of the bad deals holding me back from releasing any new music, but now that I’m a free agent, I’m back for every moment I lost.”

Yesterday (May 14), Huey released Project H via He says the work represents all he’s experienced since gracing the charts some seven years ago.

“Since ‘Pop, Lock & Drop It,’ I’ve grown and matured,” Huey says. “I have monster records I’m dying to release…my own sound. I can spit, period. [There’s] no paper, and I don’t write rhymes. I never have, and only a few can write a full song in their head, get in the booth and do it live. I understand radio, and I just want to deliver good music.”

The tracklist and artwork for Project H are below.


1. Champion (Prod by PYP)
2. The World (Prod by Sleepytime 4000) 
3. Fuck With Me (Prod by PYP) 
4. Turnup On (Prod by JMil)
5. Dopeboi (Prod by JMil)
6. Bout Dat Life (Prod by JMil) 
7. Get It (Prod by M16)
8. Have Sumn Goin On ft. DC (Prod by PYP)
9. Stary Eyes (Prod by PYP) 
10. Reactions (Prod by EV)
11. Tonight (Prod by Nemesis)
12. Zoo Full of Women (Prod by Nemesis)
13. Differences (Prod by PYP)
14. Crack Addict (Prod by Chad Wells)
15. Instagram ft. Doughboy (Prod by PYP)
16. Callin It How I See It (Prod by Nemesis)
17. Bonus

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